The Project


The Archaeological Cadastre (code MIS 5003765) is a project of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. It was developed in the framework of the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020 by the Directorate for the Management of the National Archive of Monuments and had a total public expenditure of € 2,980,978.38.

The Archaeological Cadastre records and documents Greece's immovable monuments, archaeological sites, historical sites, and their protection zones. The Integrated Information System enables the complete supervision, protection, and management of the cultural environment, by all the Services involved, at the central and regional level. At the same time, the internet portal informs all interested citizens, professionals, and public bodies about Greece's cultural heritage and the restrictions that may exist under the current legislation in areas of archaeological interest. 

Today, the Archaeological Cadastre Portal contains descriptive (archaeological, and administrative) and geospatial data for more than 17,000 monuments, approximately 3,400 archaeological sites and historical sites, 844 protection zones and 220 museums.